Knowledge Network Our Way

Wishing all our friends and their families a beautiful and safe summer!


Every first Thursday of the month we meet from 11 am to 1 pm for lunch. And every third Thursday of the month we meet from 6:30 to 8 pm. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to experience K.N.O.W., so if you have only time during the day to network, there is a spot for you.

After giving a few places a try we have now settled on Mimi’s Cafe at the 183/Mopac intersection. We wanted a convenient place for everyone in the Greater Austin area and we think we have found it.

We appreciate any feedback for our site and–if you  have attended–our meetings because we want to KNOW what you are thinking about our network.

We are always looking for female speakers who can give us relevant information for all areas of life and work. Please contact us if you would like to share knowledge or recommend someone who should.

All women are invited to K.N.O.W.!

  • Women who have created their own brand
  • Direct Sales Representatives
  • Realtors
  • Representatives of corporations
  • Women who are looking to make connections on a personal level
  • Moms who need a break from their toddlers
  • Women who are looking for other opportunities

We will announce a brick and mortar location of one of our members to host a Happy Hour for open networking. Invitations will be given via email and social sites. Anyone can apply to hosting these events (no limit on dates). Announcements will be e-mailed to the K.N.O.W. mailing list, posted on our LinkedIn and facebook pages. There will be ample opportunity for the owner to give information about her business.

We have also changed our attendance fee!! The reservation fee is now $10/person via paypal. We will accept cash (only) at the door, but price will be $15/person. Please pre-register if you plan to pay at the door as we continue to allow only one person per industry/category at any meeting.

Any questions should be directed to

Watch our videos on YouTube.


Join a great group of dynamic women at our upcoming meetings! We promise you will learn something new.


Brigitte Starkey and Trish Aikman, cofounders